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Welcome to the exciting and educational world of model rockets and high power rocketry!

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Whether you build kits or build from scratch, Red Arrow Hobbies is the store for you. Having served model rocketeers, Tarc teams, 4H, scout, church youth groups, summer camps and schools for 25 yrs, we know our stuff. Originators of Phlexible Phenolic, one of the most popular materials for high power rocket airframes.

Our model rocketry supplies website is a little different than most others. As you browse from page to page, you will notice a lack of pictures on each page. You can see most of our products simply by clicking on the product name. The reason we have you do this is to allow the pages to load faster. In this on-demand world, nobody wants to wait for pages to load and pictures cause a page to load slower especially if you use a land line modem (56k). So if you want to see pictures of model rockets, they're there, just click on any highlighted product name.

We carry over 1000 different model rocket items.
Over the course of the next year, we will be adding more model rocket manufactures, experimental rocket motor making supplies, science items, and much more.

Model rocketry has been around since the 1950's and is now one of the safest hobbies around. After millions of flights, there has yet to be an injury. This is because model rocket engines are pre-made and rigorously tested at the factory. After that, they must be certified by either the National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli Rocketry Association. (Testing is done at M.I.T. for the N.A.R., while T.R.A. has their own testing facilities.) No weighting or mixing of hazardous chemicals is done by the hobbyist. All kits are designed out of light weight materials, such as paper, balsa and plastics. Assembled model rocket kits typically weigh between 1/2 oz. and 5 ozs., but not more than 1 lb. Mid power rocket kits can weigh from several ozs. to over a lb. Large high Power rockets can weigh up to hundreds of lbs! All model rockets must have a recovery system to allow a slow descent after flight. This is what differentiates model rockets from fireworks and exempts them from fireworks laws in every state. To be exempt, model rockets must be re-useable (just remove the spent engine and replace with a new one), must have a means of safe recovery (parachute, streamer, glider, etc.) and can not contain a flammable payload. Some restrictions are in place for some mid power and all high power rockets and engines. These restrictions are easily complied with.

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